How Angel Network Began and Where We Want to Go

About 15 years ago, The Angel Network of Cooperstown, Inc. started with a very small group.  A couple of parents recognized that a child in a classroom wasn’t going to have cupcakes to share with their classmates to celebrate their birthday because they couldn’t afford it.  That small group began a mission and after a few years, we worked hard and formed a nonprofit.  This organization is unique.  When a request goes out for a child in need, we are usually able to fill that request within one day, which is amazing!  That means a child does not have to sit in for recess because they can’t afford boots or a warm jacket.  This is all done confidentially, through the school support team.

So much progress has been made and there is a lot to be proud of, but it has not extended far enough. Too many remain trapped in a chain of disadvantage. Those that do are often the poorest and most socially excluded in our society. The Angel Network is on a mission, to meet student's basic needs. We want to take the cycle of disadvantage as a whole in our community. We want to provide experiences for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to have them. We want students to be able to go to the Clark Gym or after school activities. Many of them cannot do so as transportation is an issue for their families. 

We ask you to join us on our challenge and help pave the way for all Cooperstown Students to benefit from all the wonderful things this community has to offer.